COVID hostel protocols

COVID hostel protocols

In line with the new Covid-19 Framework, we are now only accepting vaccinated guests.  We want to be open and operating as effectively as possible during the “traffic light” like systems. We believe the best way to do so will be to only accept fully vaccinated guests. Given the state the country is in right now, we can only try and protect not only ourselves but our community and the wider community.

We will be asking for proof of vaccination, being a vaccination passport, for all guests under your reservation excluding children for obvious reasons. If you could send proof via email prior to your arrival this could be a statement on behalf of your guests, that would be greatly appreciated.

Please let us know if you will be needing to cancel and we will waive all fees. If your reservation is prepaid, we will offer a full refund.


Vaccinations are a key control measure against contracting and transmitting COVID-19 and will contribute significantly to keeping our employees and their whanau safe. We strongly encourage all employees, who are able, to receive their COVID-19 vaccinations.   

We recognise that vaccination is one of many control measures and will ensure that it is properly located within a wider suite of risk management and workplace controls.

We also recognise that mandatory vaccination is only appropriate where it can be properly demonstrated to be effective, through a designated risk assessment process. Certain work can only be undertaken safely by a vaccinated employee. Privacy rights, health and safety considerations and individual employee cases must be properly considered to comply with all consultation obligations and the statutory duties of good faith.


The purpose of our company policy is to maximise vaccination take up, in accordance with Govt. direction, while protecting and balancing the rights of employees.


The scope of this policy applies to all employees and contractors.


As per legislative requirements, we are committed to engage with our employees and their representatives on any decision that impacts employee health and safety. In addition to good faith employment obligations, to consult with employees on matters that impact their employment.

We will conduct a Covid 19 risk assessment for all positions.

Note: Before deciding a position requires a vaccination to carry out the role, the risk must still exist after all other appropriate controls have been implemented.

·        The risk assessment will be undertaken in conjunction with employees and representatives.

·        Vaccination will not be a substitute for other control measures.

·        We remain committed to reducing the risk of Covid 19 transmission to as low as is reasonably practicable, using all controls which are currently available.

·        Requiring vaccination for work will only be considered for work tasks and never be applied to employees directly.

·        If an employee cannot be vaccinated due to a duly certified medical condition, we will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the employee is accommodated to continue in employment.

·        We will make it easy to access and receive the vaccine during work hours, this includes the time waiting after receiving the vaccine, and any required time off resulting from unexpected side effects.

·        All employees will be able to be released from work, or be vaccinated at work, or transported to a vaccination centre in paid time and returned to work.

·        We will work with our team to ensure everybody has an accurate understanding of the vaccination process and its benefits.


·        We will only request that an employee disclose their vaccination status if the work has been risk assessed as requiring a vaccinated employee to undertake it.

·        Employees have the right to privacy with respect to their medical records and may choose not to disclose it. In such situations we will treat the employee as if they are unvaccinated.

·        Any actions taken will follow proper employment processes to ensure that employees are treated in a fair and reasonable manner.

·        Any vaccination information will be kept confidential and held securely.

Refusal to Vaccinate

Employees who do not have a health-related reason not to be vaccinated and choose not to be vaccinated, will be treated fairly and will not be unlawfully discriminated against for that choice. However, if, after risk assessment, certain work should be done by a vaccinated person, then we must ensure that this happens.

This may mean that an employee who refuses vaccination may no longer be able to carry out their previous role.

Accordingly, we will consult with the employee, follow all employment law processes, and ensure that any reasonable redeployment opportunities are made available, if reasonably possible.

Employment Rights

We are committed to ensure that all employment rights and protections remain intact.

Employees will be consulted with in ‘good faith’ and all actions that need to be taken will be applied in a ‘fair and reasonable’ manner.

Signed: __Belinda Hargreaves_______ ___Ltd. Director (s)_____________________________________       Date: ____10/12/2021_________

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